Holidays Love

Love #21 Sweet Treats Have Arrived!

Let Me Count the Ways…

Valentines Day is upon us and we are enjoying all the fun that comes with this celebrated holiday.  The cards have arrived- we display them in the kitchen for all to enjoy.

Neighbors and friends delivered homemade treats in hand, we appreciate all the love put into making these sweet treats for our family.

Even the one decorated by my son had his personality (Tball team) all over it.
















Gift packages are always a winner at the Jackson home front…some of the latest items creative godparents and grandparents sent…the infamous pop-up hearts!

Godmom Chiara never misses a beat….not only for her godchild Kate but all 4 of our children.

She doesn’t forget me either…only best friends know your true weakness

Bapka (Polish for Grandma) knows how much the sticker books are loved

I headed out over the weekend to continue my tradition for my big love…my husband.  Every year we gift each other a box of See’s Candy.  The tradition is ongoing with the same box each year.  See’s encourages the Valentine Tradition of saving your heart box as a keepsake and giving your sweet even more sweets with the special box you picked out just for him.  Here is the one I picked out years ago for Jeff. They change annually and bring back favorites every so often.

Their basic hearts are simple red with red bows

If you are a poet, be sure to enter their sweet poetry contest…

Not familiar with See’s?  They have some serious rich heritage.

I can remember as a little girl, this lady…Mrs. Sees- she was on the cover of all my candy boxes.  Throughout the history of See’s Candies, Mary See has symbolized the old-fashioned virtues of homemade quality and friendly service. The spectacled, silver haired woman still smiles with pride from candy boxes shipped throughout the world, and her original recipes are savored by millions to this day.

Charles See was the son of Mary and knew that no image would better reflect the personality of his venture than that of his mother.  He knew that keeping things in the family was the only way to bring about the kind of lovingly crafted product he desired. He was right.

Today, “California’s Famous Old Time Candies®” are sold in over two hundred shops throughout the West, a true sign of their enduring popularity…and a lil help from Warren Buffett.

My favorite is the milk chocolate caramel patty and milk chocolate molasses chips…which are best frozen!

Hope you all have your treats, sweets and cards ready for Saint Valentines Day.  Loving all the ideas you have shared with me thus far for this hallmark holiday (as some of you say).  So now what’s for Vday breakfast?