Children Holidays

Children # 5 Holidays Ho Ho Oh No You Didn’t…




We are finally getting some rain here in Southern California-such a nice change!  It’s hard to get in the holiday mood when your outside in flip flops headed to the pool for the afternoon…soooo when the rain came this past Sunday, I knew I had to get my Jingle on.

Sunday morning I clicked on the “Holiday- Sounds of the Season” music channel on my television, baked up a warm breakfast with lots of good bacon (smell wakes up a happy house), lit up the fireplace and cleared the cars out of the garage….it was time to christen the house for the 2011 Holiday season!  I don’t know if I enjoy getting a head start and being organized for the holidays or if its the fact I have 4 kids now and I HAVE to in order to remain sane!  My husband was a trooper and actually said this was the one holiday he enjoys all the hustle and bustle…so he went straight to work with bringing in the boxes from garage, the new stockings and all the goodies.

I found a super post Xmas deal last year on Stockings…these giants were marked down to $9.99 at Pottery Barn for Kids with free shipping- add $6 for embroidery- a steal!

We made a big presentation out of it…and even slipped the baby inside hers with her head peeking out!  Mark your calender now to grab some January deals in 2012!


Kids couldn’t wait to get their lil trees up to their room so they could decorate with their ornaments from past years.  My oldest surprised me this year and shared her personal ornaments with each of her siblings.

Love these beautiful Christmas Memories Boxes. Not only is this the perfect solution for safely storing delicate ornaments, but it fits perfectly under the kids trees as a decoration. Boxes were pricey, but I found a 40% coupon and got them for roughly $29 each.  I will keep you posted on the next big deal from Once Upon A Family.


Overall, we stayed in PJ’s all day and just enjoyed all the happiness that comes with this wonderful and blessed time of year.


OK – that’s it for Christmas this month….I don’t want to neglect Thanksgiving and all its Fab Traditions, but I just had to sneek in this “rainy day holiday moment in time” before I blinked and it was gone.

App of the Month:Get cozy anytime, anywhere!  You will get a kick out of this App Jeff surprised me with on my iPad recently…crackling fire sounds and all – had a good laugh but then became addicted-love it!  

Fireplace with AirPlay by Happio. It costs $.99