Love #1 – Vow Renewals

I Cross My Heart  10-10-11

Over 17 years ago today, I met my soulmate, my best friend, my one and only…at our local college bar. No, really we met at the school library…hehehe! Met his mom first by chance at a college function, which lead to the “Do you know my son” question…which led to a glimpse at the library and then came the bar scene…and now we celebrate 17 fab years together, 13 married. I guess mother does know best…and maybe that is why we got married on her birthday 10-10…a tribute in a way- thanks Mom!

Jeff and I were married in a Priory in Northern California, beautiful picturesque miniature version of the Abbey. My Uncle Jim who was a De La Salle Christian Brother introduced me to this peaceful place.

A crystal clear fall day in the Bay Area is unbeatable in my book…it is part of my make-up. Everytime I think back to that day, I take that deep breath in of complete happiness.

That is why for our 5th anniversary we went back to St.Alberts and had our priest renew our vows. Instead of the 300 plus guests, it was just the two of us. A renewal to us was a celebration to each other of our love and dedication. We went up for the weekend and stayed at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley, just down the street from the Abbey. We hit San Francisco the night before for dinner at our reception spot The Carnelian Room in the Bank of America building. We met our family after our intimate ceremony for a delicious brunch at the hotel and then jumped on a plane back down to So Cal.

We had both been working full-time with our careers and had enjoyed 5 years as a married couple. We were ready for kids and had asked our priest to share a blessing with us for children in the future…well, he must have had the whole congregation praying for us as we now have 4 kids under the age of 6. God Bless You Father Jose! After that weekend, we pledged to each other to renew our vows at least every 5 years.

Last October I surprised Jeff and planned our 12 year renewal…

In a New York Minute…St.Patricks Cathedral New York, New York.  Renewed our vows (6 months pregnant with V) on the main altar in front of over 2500 parishoners (we knew no one) all waiting for Columbus Day mass and parade.  Breathtaking.