Halloween Love

Love #4 Halloween “Fangtastic”

Who doesn’t love their Halloween costume pictures?

We love looking back at all the different Halloween costumes the kids wore and seeing how much they have grown over the course of a year.

Our family tradition for our Halloween photos is to to keep them on display year-by-year in a photo album dedicated to Halloween.  I use an album that has fold out photo pages. We have placed one photo, each year, in this fold-out book.  We try and take a picture of all the kids in their costumes or pajamas.

Our tradition as of late has been Halloween pajamas.  I found this years pajamas at the Disney Store in September on Sale 2 for $20. They enjoyed them all month long!  You can pick pajamas up the weekend before Halloween at crazy low prices and the kids just think they are the coolest treat ever!  I saw some at Old Navy for $5 this weekend.  I plan to swing by the mall to see if I can grab some bigger sizes for next year at fab prices!

Every year our Halloween book comes out with all the Halloween decorations and I display it on our kitchen counter.  We place our Halloween picture of the kids on the recent years fold out page.  It then gets packed up for next years enjoyment. It’s simple, fun and easy.


Another fun tradition we do is a lil Q & A on Halloween night!  We ask the kids why they have chosen their particular costume. Their answers might surprise you, no doubt entertain you! Write their answers in your book or even a pumpkin-shaped card and paste them into your Halloween Book along with their Halloween photo.

You and your children will love looking back at all the different Halloween costumes they wore and enjoy their sweet answers.