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Bedtime It is all about Dad.

I want to make a plea to all you moms out there to let go of bedtime. If Daddy isn’t inclined to want to go solo, ask him to take it for a week and see what happens. The sacred …

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School Countdown Begins

$1 Midweek Movie Mornings I overhead my 9 year old daughter share with her younger siblings that the first day of school is less then 18 days away…there was complete silence. August has arrived and this summer has flown by, so over the next few …

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OMG S’mores

Give me S’more! Grammy gifted us this crazy-wonderful 3 ft S’mores set.  Quite the ensemble- handcrated artisan marshmallows and divine chocolate bars included. This past month was National outdoor month and I enjoyed sharing with you our s’mores experiences.  A S’mores …

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