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Within Minutes…

It is estimated that 1 in 1,500 people will need an appendectomy during pregnancy. Some require surgery, some don’t. One of the biggest problems of appendicitis during pregnancy is delayed diagnosis. Due to the physical changes in the pregnant body, it can be quite difficult to diagnose appendicitis. It is easier to diagnose in the

A Solid Foundation

Precious Dirt The hubs and I are soon to celebrate 15 years of marriage…good stuff.  My mom recently sent us an anniversary card and she placed this pic inside stating “..and they lived happily ever after”.  She is so good, I loved it. Read moreLove #1 – Vow RenewalsSo as I admired this 1999 pic

The NFL Crucial Catch

A Change for Cancer As I happily watched my Oakland Raiders beat the San Diego Chargers Sunday night, I also enjoyed the fun banter and many emails or Facebook posts I got throughout the game. Here is one of the pics my mom sent me from their suite…loved all the pink and the survivors on

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