Holidays Thanksgiving

Holidays – Thanksgiving The Golden List


In the month of November, my focus is on “Gratitude”.  Being appreciative for what I have instead of thinking of what I don’t have.  The truth is if you look for it you can always find something to enjoy or appreciate in any person, event or situation.  It’s a choice we make to look for things we are grateful for.

I am working with the kids to appreciate the little things that make life wonderful and try not to take them for granted.  A simple thank you or sharing a grateful moment during our dinner conversations is all it takes.

Sometimes we need a little reminder to help us stay focused on all of the wonderful things we are lucky to have.

A way to reinforce this gratitude effort is via our “Golden Lists” tradition.  Ask each family member to write 10 things they are grateful for on their own personal Golden List.

You can help the little ones by writing it for them or having them draw symbolic pictures.  Hang these Golden Lists in places where you are sure to see them everyday, such as the bathroom wall, the bedroom doorknob or the kitchen bulletin board will do the trick.

I found these leaves at the dollar store (50 for $1) so I made a clothes pin for each person in my family and encouraged all of us to write notes of gratitude on them and leave them around the house. Jeff helped me out on the computer the other day, so I clipped his on his keyboard.

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, I rotate different activities and prayers, but I always put out our Golden Lists from years past-we read them over and over again – each time we are reminded how blessed we are in life. The lists are great to wrap around napkins for your holiday place setting.

This simple tradition will make being grateful a daily habit or an annual holiday memory for everyone in your family.