Christmas Holidays

Holidays #10 North Pole Bound

Santa Claus is coming to town…

Remember the feeling of excitement when you were a child on your way to see Santa Claus?  A bit nervous, yet about to burst with joy!  Was I a good girl or boy?  So many questions…and of course the request for the perfect toy.

We took the kids to see Santa, it was going to be our youngest daughters first visit ever.

As they boarded the train en route to Santa, you could feel the anticpation build for these little souls- your heart couldn’t help but melt.

Upon arrival to Santa’s workshop, there were letters all ready for children to write their requests…

The children made sure Santa did not get confused on their wish list.

It was either carefully written down…

Or drawn out to exact detail…

Very serious stuff.

Stamped with Frosty’s seal of approval and ready for the North Pole.

Off to the mailbox we flew.

On our way to see the Big Man in the Shiny Red Suit.  Yet again, the anticpation grew.  I have been through this three times before with my lil ones first encounter with Santa and even though its #4 for me, I could not resist a level of excitement for her on what lies ahead.

And there he was…Santa gently approaches our precious lil one.

And so begins a lifelong friendship.

My wish for you is to take the time to experience Santa this year, even if that means sitting in a mall by yourself with a cup of joe watching the lil ones share their stories from afar.  It’s just too darn speical not to witness, plus it warms your heart.

And as we prepare for the true meaning of Christmas on December 25th, we enjoy lil moments such as this one and are thankful for the delight that the season brings to all.

Click here for a cute and simple way to have your kids write a letter to Santa.

Have a good app or website for lil ones for the holidays?  Please share in our comment section below for all to see!