Friends #6 Blogosphere

I joined the Blogosphere almost a month ago- it’s been a fab whirlwind.   I am an official “Blogger”absorbing my niche-enjoying the ride.  


One of my goals in this Blog world was to take education seriously. My goal was to focus on all areas of blogging from niche blogging to understanding all the tools and applications available.   So I hit up the New Media Expo of BlogWorld LA 2011 over a two day stint.

Little did I know how much I would be affected by the wonderful people that make up the Blogger community -what a surprise it was!

I was engaged in an amazing conversation within a few minutes of arriving at the conference.   Groups would form into a variety of conversations, Tweeting, Blogging, Facebook…which I did not take offense to as they could communicate in various forms all at once.

I was taken back by a gentleman that was extremely knowledgable about everything in the blogging arena.  He went above and beyond educating me for over an hour- a one on one session- later found out he was the founder of one of the major applications…complete passion for the industry and it showed.  Lucky me.

Once on the floor in the exhibit hall I was in complete Blog Heaven, not enough time in the day to really absorb all that is out there in Blogosphere.  I knew my focus was Word Press, so I walked right up to their Happiness Bar. is completely customizable and can be used for almost anything.  I met two brilliant engineers that walked me through the thousands of plugins, widgets and themes available.  Hats off to Evan and Chelsea for taking on a novice such as myself.


Overall, I was taken back by the suppportive community.  I had been welcomed into a place filled with those from around the world willing to share, support, encourage and have fun together.  What a first impression!



Since I was by my old stomping grounds at USC, I decided to swing by one of my favorite eatery spots.Good ole Mikoshi- a Japanese noodle house – the place has not changed, still full of students.The cops still hang at the joint as well.Good food.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

After I placed my order, I looked down and noticed the quote for the day…

Thank you Maya Angelou, Thank You Mikoshi, Thank You BlogWorld!