Friends Halloween

Friends #3 Halloween “BOO”

It is that time of year again, so let the BOO-ing begin!

Join in the neighborhood tradition to jumpstart the spirit “young and old” for Halloween! Here is a simple way to BOO your friends and neighbors.

Visit the “Been Booed” website to download your boo sign.  I liked this site as they have office versions (poem) so you can share it around the water cooler.  My children’s school “Boo’s” classrooms as well!  Put together a bag or a pumpkin bowl full of treats.

What kind of treats?   Depends upon who are you Boo-ing…

Children love boxed cookies, candy, toys, stickers etc.  Adults might enjoy an autumn candle, bag of candy and/or boxed cookies.  One of our favorites this time of year is the Trader Joe’s Halloween “Joe Joe’s” cookies ($2.49).  They look like Oreo’s but with orange vanilla cream and lil pumpkin faces. I recommended pre-packed treats.

One year we Boo’ed our “Empty Nester” neighbors who have two dogs, so we included some fun doggy bones for the canines to snack on!  Don’t forget to add a copy of the BOO poem and BOO sign inside their treat.

You are now ready to let your “lil ghosts” do some haunting…deliver the BOO secretly to a friend’s doorstep…(preferably when its dark)

Ring the doorbell and RUN RUN RUN!

I love seeing the kids sprint back to the house!  I leave the door open as they dash past me to the front window to see the neighbor open their doors with delight.

You did it!  Now watch the BOO signs multiply in your neighborhood!

If you miss out on this Halloween tradition this year, never fear…

“Been Booed” also has a sister site “Been Jingled”.