Friends #2 – Live Laugh Love Club

Live Laugh Love…

After decades of trying to do it all and taking care of everyone else, women have decided they deserve to livelaugh, & love a little too. And so do you!

Women across the country are forming clubs like never before! They are forming book clubs, cooking clubs, craft clubs, biking & hiking clubs. Oprah Magazine even featured an 8-page article about this growing trend called “The Circle of Power.”  

In 2005, I formed a Live, Laugh, Love Club that fit perfectly into that trend. I invited 11 friends to join me one night a month for two hours, away from husbands, away from children, away from all of our regular responsibilities, to do what we need to do: connecthealsharegrow and enrich our lives.  I am proud to say that “LLL” is now entering our 7th year.

We have celebrated 39 children together, survived breast cancer, rejoiced in one another’s accomplishments, struggled through pain and have overcome breakdowns.  We have created a “Legacy of Love” to pass on to future generations.  Learned how to teach values at home with simple traditions. Connected with each other and our passion about family and survived several personal challenges together. We have cried many happy and sad tears.

It has been the “Ultimate Gift” given… time, passion,love, support,trust…all wrapped up and happily received.  I can’t say enough about these women that have touched my life over the years.  To make a commitment like this and stick with it, speaks volumes.

I thank them all tonight, as we launch “Season 7”.  A new year ahead awaits us as we prepare to reconnect with ourselves while maintaining a happy life with those around us. “Live Your Best Life”

I decided to launch my blog officially tonight…they have no idea that this effort has been underway for over a year now, but it is through their quiet encouragement and unyielding support that I take the big leap of faith of sharing my personal experiences to help others grow and find strength, renewal, new understanding and vision.

Cheers to you ladies – the beautiful women of Live Laugh Love!

I look forward to sharing “Our Best Life” together.

For more information about starting your very own Live Laugh Love Club, click here.