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Dazzling December Birthdays

Double the gifts…or just combine gift with holiday?

How about all the above and mooorree?  That’s what we did for my Amazing Mom!

December 21st is not just a special day because it is the first official day of Winter Solstice…it is special because it is my Mothers birthday.

We really did it up recently for her and her siblings.  Being a part of a family of 12, vacations together were hard to come by for Lonnie & Mary Kuta and their kids in Nebraska.  They had their local getaways and trips to the Lake, but that lil kid in you always wanted to travel just a bit farther..and travel together.

So what did my Dad do?  He made it happen of course…years later.  For my moms 60th birthday, he flew all 10 children (ranging form 40-60) to California.  To do what? To be a kid again…at the Happiest Place on Earth.

My sister and I had a blast planning this celebration.  The invitation was sent in a Disney Box.  It contained a portfolio passport with lanyards and birthday pins. We included an itinerary for the weekend and roundtrip tickets in a Mickey organizer and even included their very own personalized Mickey Mouse Ears.

They were flown from all over the country into Orange County Airport, California where they were told they MUST wear their Mickey Ears or else the Mouse would not see them for pick-up….it was Big Mick!

We purchased 10 sibling necklaces that were made with my moms birthstone in the shape of Mickey Mouse ears.

They each got a necklace.

Necklaces are special in our family.  When their mother passed away, she left behind her cherished pearl necklace.  The necklace has always been kept by the matriarch of the family but passed around to all family members to wear on important and special dates.  It comes with a journal, so you write down your special moment.  Grandma sure has been traveling and experiencing alot…births, baptisms, communions, engagements, weddings…she even made it to Disneyland that special weekend!

They had fun latching up their siblings.

Once we picked up the whole crew from the airport, we whisked them away to Disneys Grand Californian Hotel where they enjoyed a “suite life” for the weekend.

limo arrival

My Mother was greeted by the GM who welcomed her with an anniversary birthday pin for her lanyard.  Over the top Disney…of course.

We headed up to the concierge level for more gifts for all the siblings.

After a birthday toast to my mom they opened up their gifts which were Disney Anniversary Sweatshirts.   We had their family photo adhered to the sleeve.

The weekend began with one of many birthday sweets for the birthday girl!

The suites were ready and the family enjoyed hanging out with each other as they did back in the day – under one roof…just the 10 of them.

Brothers were Kings!


They dined in a private room reserved just for the 10 of them.  Their parents were with them in spirit as they all sat around one big table like they use to…they enjoyed the best of the best…Napa Rose

How can it get any better then a December birthday?  Everyone is singing and happy!  They enjoyed so mnay things from the House of Blues Gospel Brunch to a priacte seating for Disney’s Candlelight Ceremony with Marie Osmond. Of course they hung with her, she gets the big family! It truly was a one of a kind weekend.

A tradition we have on our birthday is to call each other at midnight the day of your birthday, so Mom and I have already chatted.  I wished my mom a Happy Day before this post even went out.

So for all you December birthdays out there, Karen stands up for you today!  It is your turn to shine…so our family advice to you “Go BIG during December…their is a big and special reason for the season and you deserve a birthday celebration too!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM….I love you mmoooorreeee! You really are an Angel here on Earth…what a gift!

Cabo…here we come!