Christmas Food Friends

Friends #11 Cookie Exchange-alicious!

Yummy in My Tummy

Tonight, I attend my third cookie exchange this month.  I love making my Aunt Bettys One Eyed Susans, otherwise known as Peanut Butter Blossoms, but I am blossomed out.

I wanted something a bit different.   At my last exchange they had a few new ideas, a grandma designed a carved board in the shape of a tree and placed her bourbon balls as the ornaments- Go Grammy!  They also had a full bar on a Sunday afternoon (nice huh? why not?)  One of the dads was serving oatmeal cookie shots- lots of fun stuff mixed together.  Tasted like a real oatmeal cookie!  So I thought I could switch it up a bit and I headed for the hard liquor aisle in the store.  Guess what I found?

Break out the curly straw and prepare to be flooded by fond memories!  Cookies & Milk with a 40 proof kick.  May need to bring my camera for some memorable moments tonight.  I grabbed a bottle and hit up Starbucks for some of those lil shot glasses.  Picked up some whip cream and now we are set!  Of course I will prep it on a silver platter and chill the goods in an ice bucket.

For an actual cookie pairing, I thought what would go well with chocolate and girlfriends on a night out?

MEN!  Lots of them.  Sing it with me….”It’s Raining Men…Alleluia!”

I had a night of fun dressing these guys and girls up for a night out on the town.

Even the kids got into it…

Since we were already making a bizillion dozen for the exchange, why not a few more?

The kids have their Christmas party at school today, so we thought we could make them for each classroom.

Overall, the night was a blast and turned into fun new traditions for all of us to do!  Of course some of the G-men looked like they had a few too many…

But in the end it was not the kids nor the gingerbread men I had to worry about getting into the hot chocolate.  Guess who got caught?