Friends #15 A Las Vegas New Years Eve Moment of Thanks

A Good Mirage

Spent four memorable days in Vegas over New Years.  There was Glitz, Glam, and All Night Texas Hold-Em.  I will share more about my New Years journey throughout the month but there is one special “shout out” I want to share now.

I want to thank the President/CEO of the Mirage Hotel Felix Rappaport.  Not because of the fab rooms, superior service and unforgettable NYE party…it was the simple note he left on my pillow on New Years Eve…yes I did read it.   It was a beautiful note of thanks, but what really caught my eye was the item on top of the note…a specially packaged cookie.

The cookie that was left on my pillow was packaged by adults with disabilities.  A group called Opportunity Village that partnered with the Mirage to make this special treat possible.

  Opportunity Village File

Opportunity Village is a not-for-profit organization that serves people with intellectual disabilities. They provide vocational training, employment and social recreation services that make lives more productive and interesting. Through the programs and services, well over a thousand people with disabilities are learning vocational skills, working in jobs throughout the community, paying taxes and living more fulfilling lives.

Photo courtesy of Opportunity Village

Below, Rosie creates geometric scarves with artwork that reflect her vibrant personality…all beautifully displayed on the front cover of this cookie.  She is able to create her artwork through the Villages Art Enrichment Program.

 Photo courtesy of Opportunity Village

I was taken back by the thought process of this CEO…he took the time to remind all his guests that coming together as a community for the greater good is a truly what it is all about.

I commend you Mr. Rappaport- a toast to you!  Thank you for my quiet moment of thanks and appreciation on NYE.

I also want to thank him for the Mirage Chocolate “Whoopie Pie” he left me as well…pretty darn cute!