Friends #4 A Slice of Friendship

A Delicious Doctor Visit…

After the birth of my third child my body was a bit out of sorts, so my OBGYN referred me to a physical therapist for treatment on my lower back.

I met Mark in my first rehab session, lots of jokes-a PAC 10 rivalry discussion – I knew I would be in good hands.  After a few appointments, I found out that Mark had a love for baking. This big guy (6’5 golfer) hangs in the kitchen?  From that point on, all our discussions were centered around pies…and of course his family’s tradition for Thanksgiving… a “Pie Contest”. Nothing like a fab sibling rivalry to get the ovens hot!

When I had my first bite of his Cranberry Apple Crumb Pie- I melted!  Then he brought in every pie under the sun for all his clients to taste and judge.  Next thing I knew, he shared a recipe and I was off baking…(love handwritten recipe cards)

His tip for me was this Apple Peeler.  This thing was classic. It took some getting used to, but after some practice, I could not stop…even my 4 year old was loving it! (Just saw the Apple Master Peeler on Amazon for $22)

You just peel, core and slice…peel, core, and slice!  My pie turned out fantastic!  Couldn’t believe I just baked this beauty!


A referral back in 2007, lead to a great friendship with not only my physical therapist but his wife as well.  Our children are the same age and after many conversations, they are not only friends but attend the same school in the same class…a true testament of how food brings people together- Cheers!