Friends #7 A Triumphant Return

Where Everybody Knows Your Name…

As we arrived into my hometown this past Saturday night, one of our first stops was our beloved pizzeria that reopened their doors this month.

Pinky’s Pizza restaurant has made a comeback!  In August 2008, Pinky’s closed due to landlord issues. It was a sad day for many of us that grew up enjoying the Pinky’s experience.

Pizza, Friends, Ms. Pac-Man…it was the place to meet, especially on those hot summer nights after swim meets twice a week.  My childhood BFF Robanne Olson welcomed us home as we pulled up to the parking lot.  We could not wait to sink our teeth into the infamous pepperoni pizza that we have enjoyed together for almost three decades.

While the location may be new, the community was ecstatic to have founder Tom Beisheim back in the kitchen… flippin pizzas since the 60’s.

 (courtesy Diablo Magazine)

Thanks to longtime customer Danny Lilly and fellow angel investors (all childhood customers of Tom’s) these guys brought Pinkys back to life this year.   

Dan Lilly, Tom Beisheim, and Chuck Strickler (courtesy Diablo Magazine)

This community tradition, Pinky’s 2.0 has same magic that the old place had.

The new restaurant has already created 25 new jobs, brought back several former cooks and employees, even restaurant manager Donna Robinson.

The community wall is back up and running and of course I had to add my card to the board!

Re-opening Pinky’s Pizza in Walnut Creek had to be an extra special day, so it was fitting that those doors flew open at 11/11/11 at 11 a.m.!

For all you Pinky’s loyalists near or far, stay connected on their Facebook page until you arrive home!  A slice of heaven awaits you!