Thanksgiving Travel

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Friends contact me about how we travel with all 4 kids…at least what our best advice would be to fit everything and the kitchen sink in one duffle bag?

Should we do shoes in one duffle? Kids stuff all in another? Toiletries in another??? Or is it better to have everyone have their own bag? Seems like a lot of luggage? Just tie grandma to the roof and you are all set for Walley World!

When we had three kids, we would go duffle for each person.   We picked up some great duffles on rollers for each kid awhile back, so when we travel they had their designated color duffle with all their stuff in it.


With 4, the goal is to still get everything in one big duffle. I use the large quart plastic ziplocs and mark each one with the days of the week and their name.  (Best deal is at dollar store- 12 for $1)

I put each childs outfit, socks, pjs in that ziploc for the day.  When they unpack, each child gets their organized clothes bags all in one place and they are ready to enjoy their vacation- and so are you!

If they decide to leave grandparents house and head to Aunties house for a sleepover, they just grab a bag and go!

My kids ages are 6, 4, 3 and 10 months, so a little preparation goes a looooong way!  Kids need routine and structure..or maybe thats me?  This is how I begin the sock at a time! Patience anyone?

At the end of the day, kids put dirty clothes back in designated day bag so it does not smell up other clean clothes for week. Often I use the hotel’s dry cleaning bags to collect all bags into one prior to departure.  Items like swimwear, meds, treats, toys go in seperate ziplocs-but designated to each childs bags.  Swim items always go in bathroom daily and they rinse items after they take showers/baths for night- dry overnight so fresh the next day.

For road trips, I have kids change out their school backpacks into their travel bags…a bit of comfort when traveling.  I purchase a few new things for them to doodle on or play cards.

For those tough to travel items,  hotels will refer you to places that can rent local toddler or baby items for a nominal fee.  Call concierge for references.

Your Library has great DVDs and books for your lil ones to rent at no charge. We make a trip to our local branch a few days before we depart and each child gets to pick out 2 movies and 2 books for our road trip.

Don’t forget the handy dandy DVD players that provide a peace of mind for everyone.

Safe travels to you and yours this Thanksgiving holiday- Gobble! Gobble!