A lil Librarian in all of us

A Wealth of Knowledge

Do you know the average number of books that a person borrows from the public library each year?  Take a guess…how many have you checked out?  Would you believe the number is “7”.  Overdue for a visit?

As we prepare for a new season and “ink in” our calendars with dates, be sure to fit in September as Library Card Sign up Month! Branches everywhere are hosting events and offering giveaways to entice you to sign up for a (free!) card.  I just love libraries…

The Wren Library at Trinity College in Cambridge, England


The wealth of knowledge and beauty awaits you…

The Old Library of the Dutch House of Representatives (Handelingenkamer) in The Hague, Netherlands


A fun way to work with your library is for birthdays.  In lieu of gifts for our daughters “2nd” birthday, we asked guests to “Gift-a-Book” to the library.  Not only did our guests gift books, but they also donated funds in honor of our daughter.  She was able to hand-pick additional books to be donated with funds collected.  Our thank you card included this picture and the amount of books collected for her second birthday.

The library provided book-plates inside the book cover recognizing the child as a “Friend of the Library”  – this gift will promote literacy, support the education of students and will offer the highest quality library in your community. Our library tradition now includes a scavenger hunt to find the books Grace has in her name from over 6 years ago.

And for the littles in your life, registration for Fall Library Storytime is a must try…if you can get in!  Library’s vary in these free programs.  From infant programs to four years of age, these programs are so popular they need to be done by lottery.

Over the holidays, I did some research prior to gift giving and thought that the children would enjoy the Fire Kindles.  Kids can read dozens and dozens of books with the swipe of a finger.  Did you know that three-quarters of libraries now lend e-books, which you can check out with a simple swipe?  We will be prepping our children’s kindles with some great reads, thanks to the library!  My oldest is entering 2nd grade, so I plan to follow her schools reading timeline via kindle.

And believe it or not, libraries are a great way to meet people…just ask my husband.

Here is the library where he first saw me…we sat just a few feet away from each other.

Not a word was spoken, none needed.

“Libraries are not made, they grow” Augustine Birrell