Children Holidays

Travel #14 Get Ready to Ring a Ding Ding…

Where will you be New Years Eve?

No matter where you will be NYE 2011…we hope you are prepared to welcome in 2012!  If not, here are some fun ideas for you and your lil ones to help ring in the new year!

We love putting together a kids nights celebration at home…for as long as I can remember, the night always included lots of horns, hats, tiaras, streamers and leis…and of course lots of noise!!!  We decorate the house like a night out for the kids.

…then streamer it up as if they were in Times Square.

Tables are set up for a morning waffle buffet….

Lots of raspberries, blueberries and of course drizzling hot syrup!

Kids love to make their own creation.

The night before we will decorate their own plastic champagne glasses.  You can do this with pens or stickers.  Since my lil ones are still under 6, I keep it safe with stickers.

This year, our NYE afternoon will be spent creating our own Memory Stone for 2011.  You can buy these at any craft store for a lil under $12.  We will do one for our yard with all the children’s handprints and the other will be a gift.  You can personalize them with pens and acrylic gems- so much fun!

For the night, we will make it game night.  Our friends gifted us this adorable basket of goodies that included popcorn, treats and this Disney game- kids loved the game, so we voted on this one for the night.

Of course the night will include some singing and dancing, so I purchased some light up microphones to rock the night away!  Don’t forget the cymbals to clammer in the New Year outside in the neighborhood!  I did this every year growing up- LOVED IT!

Balloons will fill up the floor and you can grab a bag at the store -easy way to release some of that hot air!  You may pass out, but the children can play for hours into the night and again when they awake for the Rose Parade….the fun continues~!

This adorable bling lollipop from Sugar Factory will get their tastebuds a poppin!

Found some cute dresses for the girls if they feel like getting all done up!

We already hit up the nail salon and had our Mother/Daughter Tinsletown NYE polish applied!

So as we welcome 2012, our wish for all of you is to welcome in the new year with open arms- you will be amazed at what awaits you.

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.  Ralph Waldo Emerson