Children #1 – Milestone Birthdays

A Moment in Time…

Happy 9 months Victoria Lynn 10-11-11!  

As we prepare for an increasingly mobile child, we relish in these sweet moments of pure delight our lil one shares with us daily.  She has begun to crawl and her development has provided her to move from place to place giving her that delicious sense of power and control—her first real taste of physical independence.  But before we walk down that path, we capture her 9 month photo as we have in the past for all of her siblings.  You can capture these moments professionally or personally- just don’t miss it!  You will look back (as I have – sniff sniff) at those eyes, that lil nose and of course their pure sense of happiness in life.

Tips & Tricks: Luckily my family loves to take pictures and they have all the helpful equipment to capture amazing shots.  I have had some great shots taken by retail outlets like Picture People, but sadly those shops have closed locally…they are still around, so if you have one close by, sign up for the membership program and get those fab coupons- really good deals!  (I am never embarrassed to ask for a deal, coupon or special…more embarrassed if I don’t!)

I have not tried any large anchors like Sears or Target, but it really doesn’t matter.  If you go into the photo shoot with a good attitude and PATIENCE – the photographer will be happy to get that one picture that will melt your heart.   Go prepared my friend- pick your theme, if you have more than one child, match up the outfits at this age
Go with props, don’t rely on the stores to have what you envision- you can create a look beyond your expectations by being just a bit more prepared or reference professional shots in mags and try to achieve that look.  Appts in the am are always better then late in day, and your photographer is always a bit fresher as well.    You don’t need a pro to get that shot you want- all you need is any camera, or use your phone (if it has photo capabilities)
Now say…Cheese!