Children #7 The young, the old, the new

Amazing how children can connect with one another in so many ways.  We had a holiday get together with some friends from my hometown this week.


It was so nice to have everyone make the effort to gather together.  Many hours of driving and organizing schedules brought together the 19 of us.

These girlfriends are my dear friends from high school, we have been connected for many years now and the children have not had a chance to get together as much as we have.


Some of the kids are now at the age, wondering who we are with when we gather for our annual mommy spring playdate in Carmel, so it was great to have an opportunity to do a grown up/kid playdate.

Several times we caught our children watching us chatting, laughing and sharing hugs. It is true that children imitate their parents…


Within minutes they were welcoming their new friends the same way…made me shed a tear.


After our shared playdate. our girlfriend and her husband hosted us all over at their home for a nice dinner….an early Thanksgiving truly to be thankful for friends!