Children Holidays

Holidays #14 Cheers!


On New Year’s Eve we lift our glasses to honor our friends and bless our past and future.   We will sit down with the family prior to this Saturday,December 31st to discuss what we would like to include in your family toast at our countdown at the kids midnight ( @ New York NYE Times Square countdown).

We then will put together our family blessing and put it in our New Years book.  We give each child a piece of paper to draw or write down three people or events that have made the past year worthwhile. This can include a sporting event they did, a memorial for someone who has passed away, the blessing of a new family member (like our lil V) or simply a few words in appreciation of good health and general well-being.

You can also have it framed each year as a keepsake. As you celebrate each new year, you can enjoy the memories kept in your book or if you place it on the wall, you will always remember how important it is to have your family and friends.