Children #4 All Saints Day

In Remembrance…

All Saints Day is today, November 1. Thought I would share with you how my family’s “Faith Tradition” celebrates on this special day.

The eve of All Saints is known as All Hallows Eve, or Halloween. This day is of importance to our family as we recognize those loved ones who have gone before us.  It kicks off of a month long of remembrance.

I feel it is important for our children to recognize this day of remembrance of our loved ones.  At my oldest daughters school they will have a Catholic mass in their honor.

Traditional events at this Mass include a special rose presentation in a loved ones memory, rosemary twigs presented by all students to their loved ones and prayer cards decorated by the children to be brought to the altar.  Lastly, the releasing of butterflies after Mass brings me to another level of inner peace.

Overall, I think it is a lovely tradition the school has created.   Keeping you focused to stay one with yourself and your faith….whatever that may be to you.  I asked my children about what this day meant to them.  When asked who they wanted to be remembered at the Mass, they carefully thought about their answers…

1.  Great Grandma “Gigi” – Mibs passed away this past year – we were blessed with her in our lives and on this earth for 92 years! Cute story about Mabel “Winifred” Jackson’s middle name…when she married her soulmate Fred, she looked at everyone and said ” Hey – I really did “Win-A-Fred”- prefect example of the entire Jackson crews sense of humor.

2.  Great Aunt Kathy is always remembered (mainly by my two older children) my 3rd child, Kate carries her namesake “Katherine”.

and this was the kicker for me…

3.  Walter the Cat…we lost Walter to the wildlife of outdoors…a terrible accident, but I truly believe he was put on this earth to love us UNCONDITIONALLY and help us grow as a family for 9 years.

So as I reflect this morning, celebrating the Mass and blessing the Memorial Tree that shines brightly with loved ones ornaments, I will connect..with my loved ones, my children and my faith journey.  

My hope for you today is that wherever you are in your journey in life, you take a moment today to reflect on that someone special that has touched your life…what a gift.