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Pack Up A Birthday Surprise

Travel Wishes

My eldest is now at the age of sleepovers, cool luggage and travel explorations.  I think she has discovered a bit of her independence.  It’s pretty cute.  Her wish for her November birthday was this new hard bound luggage from Justice.  Very bright and shiny!


So when the oldest takes a liking to something, the rest follow.  So, with one new hard bound piece of luggage, came three more at Christmas.


The Christmas luggage came from the grandparents and had a fun twist. The luggage was actually an invitation for a holiday journey the kids would enjoy over the next 12 days of Christmas into New Years.  They were off on a road trip to the Bay Area with their cousins.  Each luggage contained pajamas, slippers, one outfit, head rest pillow (for drive), water mug, a plush, coloring crayons and a new movie or wii game.


On Christmas Eve, the kids found the gifts all lined up.  Here they are finding their luggage and reading their surprise.


So with the new year, came new ideas.  I have 3/6 birthdays that fall within one week in January,  so I decided to fill those luggages back up and present a new journey for one joint celebration.  Another road trip!  This time we are off to Legoland for a staycation for a couple of nights.  Kids have viewed the hotel pictures online about a zillion times and have already mapped out their plans on the Legoland map.


This luggage gifting has become addicting.  Of course, my eldest was the first one packed about 3 days prior to our trip, but she didn’t mind unzipping her luggage daily for her toothbrush.  I asked her what she was looking forward to on her trip….”Ahh mom- you know- just relaxing in my bed, watching the TV and maybe a spa bath”  LOVE it!