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Full Wolf Moon

New Year, New Moon (Wolf Moon)

January 11, 2013 brings a new moon which means a pitch black night, plenty of stars and an opportunity to consider the delicate balances that keep the miracle going.


The first full moon of the New Year is called the Wolf Moon. The name comes from Native American culture, in which it was associated with cold nights on which hungry wolves could be heard howling at the moon.  Now many of you will think of this when I mention new moon and wolves…


I know…I am the minority that never read the book or watched the movies.  Someday I am sure I will commit to a Twilight weekend marathon.  But until then, I will continue to enjoy my moon just as pure and glorious as it is painted in the sky.


The Winter Solstice (December 21st) and its immediate astronomical aftermath gives us long nights and a new moon (January 11th) together at the beginning of a new year.  These two dates symbolize alot to our family.  My mothers birthday is Winter Solstice and my youngest daughters birthday shares the shining of the new moon.  This calls for some astrological appreciation.  Friday night we will share in her birthday celebration all while admiring the twinkling of the stars, the magnificent moon and some good old fashion MoonPies.


My wish for you tonight is to wrap yourself up in a wonderful meditation in the quiet darkness.  Consider the darkness in your life and how you want to make it brighter, welcome the new moons healing properties and its beauty.  Consider shedding old ways and unproductive habits.  Guide yourself to a new beginning, sweeping obstacles away and making your path ahead clear and fabulously unstoppable…you deserve to SHINE.