Month: January 2013

A Stylish CASA

Bringing It Home These past few months have been non stop go-go-go.  Busyness seems to start in October and does not subside until…well…it hasn’t.  It’s been busy but very, very good busy. These past few months were full of such wonderful memories, that I would be amiss if I did not share with you my

Good Money Spent

Right On Target Target is helping kids across the nation get a head start on reading and I am inspired.  I experienced it yet again today as I have in the past at our local library storytime class. Early childhood reading grants supported from Target are bringing such joy to families.  Reading makes a world

SuperBowl Party Time!

Super Time. It’s the most important football game (and party!) of the year.  Whether you are attending in New Orleans, grabbing a flight to Vegas or hosting a gathering at your home….are you ready for some football? Both hubby and I have experienced the big day in all forms listed above and this year we

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