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The Awe in Awesome

Many visitors flock to Southern California for the California Gray Whale Annual Migration during December through April.  Viewing of Gray Whales during their migratory season is something to behold.  I have seen them from a boat and from land, but have yet to know anyone who has been in the water together as one….until now.


Our dear friends and neighbors recently made the move up the coast to the Peninsula in Newport Beach, CA after raising their 3 kids by our side in the burbs.   We miss them dearly as they not only became good friends of ours, but they helped guide us as good Christians and even better parents for over 10 years.  We always get excited to hear from them as they send updates throughout the year.  Their most recent journey took them footsteps from their front door yesterday, as their son was able to experience this amazing “hello” from the ocean.  Can you imagine if this was your child?  The wonder!  How excited would you be in this moment in time for them!


Gods beautiful creatures right there in our midst, maybe inviting us to take a deeper look at the beauty right in front of us.  What I love even more about the photo above, is that these two mammals may look intimidating…but truly, they are both gentle giants.

dane2kg photofile

The whales come close to shore this time of year to scrape the barnacles off their skin, but I truly believe their purpose is bigger.  I believe lives are changed with encounters of these gentle giants.  I love it even more when these encounters are shared.  So, thank you dear neighbors….for continuing to teach and guide us towards the bigger picture.