Holiday #23 The 84th Academy Awards Party

The Golden Boy’s Party

Do you know of our golden boy? Yes, we have an Oscar in our home.  It’s beautifully displayed on our fireplace mantle, we are very proud of our accomplishment.  Isn’t he just so special?

The award was given to us a few years back…Best Neighbor.  Thank you Kitaens.

Seriously, we love this time of year as it is Oscar season in the world of film.  Every year we get invited to our friends Academy Awards Celebration up in LA, but we have yet to make it…one day soon we will be with you Waters Family!  You guys blow us away every year with your smashing invites and journalistic flair!  Cheers!

Since we cannot make the trip to LA, we need to start planning for the biggest awards show of the season…in our home!  You can do this too! Before you get stressed, check out my Oscar resources.  I have everything from trivia to recipes to party planning tips right here.

The Invite:  At this point, check at for some golden invites!

The Arrival: No need for the red carpet in LA, just roll out your own red carpet for family and friends.  Hit your local fabric store and snag a few yards of any red fabric.  For under $10- you just glammed up your party ten fold.

The Dress: Encourage guests to come dressed in their Oscar Best. This could be Best Costume to 2011 Oscar Nominated Film or Themed to Best Picture Winner (any year).  Guests can also just show up in their comfys ready for some friendly  competition.

The Drink: As they arrive, have a nice refreshing drink prepared on a silver platter of course… click here for The Chews “Oscaritas” recipe.

The Food: It’s Culinary Potluck time…make this a Culinary Award.  Overall Top Awards Best Entree, Best Themed Entree, Best Dessert, Best Themed Dessert

The Ballot: Let me introduce to you  “The Ballot.”  Think you know Oscar?  Here is how we do it.  ABC has coverage this year, so print out this fab ballot then hand it over to your guests.  Once completed, pick up all ballots and pass them out to different people in your group for judging throughout the night.  Let the games begin! It’s pretty funny to see everyone get so competitive, no one takes bathroom breaks!  The guest who get the most right…of course you must have an Oscar on hand….or at least a cute lil something something.  Download the official Oscar App to get your game on.

The Snack: Since Popcorn and Red Vines are a favorite movie snack, nothing can beat this as your snack to serve during the show. Hot Buttered, Herbal, Bacon Fat or Toasted Pumpkin seed…stick in a half of dozen red vines to flair out the top- you are good to go!

The Swag: This year the famed swag bag for Oscar nominees is estimated to be worth more than $75,000!  You may not be able to include such luxurious items as a full paid trip to a resort in the Maldives or specialty dead skin mud treatment worth more than some make in a day….but you CAN create a swag bag to make your friends enjoy at least one day of pampered relaxation.  Print out an easy recipe for Facial Masks and bottle them up, include a tea light candle for them to meditate with, then throw in a lil something homemade wrapped with love…maybe two gooey chocolate chip cookies to indulge as they drive home…attach a note “Sweet Dreams Golden Girl.”

Overall, just enjoy the night, have fun, involve the whole family- kids too!  I am sure the kids will be happy to put on a performance for your audience for the entertainment part of the show…though I know Host Billy Crystal will be amazing yet again!

OH- and The Speech:  Yes- the overall winner must get up in front of everyone and accept the award.  Thank you…Thank you very much and remember…

“You is kind, You is smart, You is important.” The Help