Friends #22 A Serra Bear-y Good Time

Beary Good Buds

My oldest daughter is in 1st grade.  This past holiday weekend, we hosted the schools mascot at our home.  Each weekend during school, a family is chosen for Serra Bear to visit and enjoy family time together.  Kids plan the weekend, take pictures, then help Serra Bear write in a journal about their visit.

As tribute to our guest, my daughter Grace and I devoted Thursdays blog to our traveling friend, Serra Bear.  The article written by Serra Bear together with Grace,  will be placed in the Bears journal that travels back to school and onto other families.  Loved the whole idea!

February 20, 2012: Journal of a Fuzzy, Warm, Sweet Serra Bear

Hi everyone, it’s me…Serra Bear!

This weekend was Presidents Day- February 17-20, 2012 and I had such a wonderful time as a guest of 1st Grader Grace Jackson in her home. We began our journey when picked up by her Serra carpool, that included fellow Serra first graders Matthew and Kaitlyn – they loved on me all the way home and made sure I wore my seat belt.

When we arrived to Graces house, I ran to to the front door and jumped up…I was able to open the door for her!

The family members I met were her Mom and her 1 year old sister, Victoria.  I loved all over Victoria -she welcomed me with a big bear hug!

Later I met her brother Ward (5), her other sister Kate (3) and their cool dad Jeff.

We played for a bit, then Grace prepared a bed for me.  I took a nap by the fire…we had a big night ahead of us.

When I woke up, I had to quickly change as we were off to Grace’s softball practice from 3:00-5:30.  We picked up her BFF Natalie and headed over to CAPO fields in San Juan Capistrano for batting practice then we hit the field for a practice game. Grace introduced me to her team, the Blue Blasters.

I hung out in the dugout while the girls practiced- I was their biggest cheerleader!

After practice, we dropped Natalie off at home and headed over to our friends house – the Morgans. Keller is also a fellow Serra first grader. Grace and Keller have been friends since they were babies! Their parents went to USC together and now live by each other- they are wonderful. Tonight we celebrated Kellers dad’s birthday…we had a blast at their home- jumping on the trampoline-the cake was so delicious.  Grace made up a comfy bed for me to sleep in and let me borrow her friend, “Baby Hello Kitty” to sleep with so I would feel safe. After showers, we were pretty tired, so Grace took me back to our room, read me a book and we feel asleep for the night.

I enjoyed waking up to a beautiful day the next morning.

I went to Graces CAPO Softball Opening Day- they had a parade of all teams, the National Anthem was sung, a player threw out the first pitch, players had their helmets painted and treats were enjoyed by everyone.

After Opening Morning Festivities, Grace played in her first game!

She was really good – she pitched the game- they won 9-2!  She had some strike-outs!

Her Sister Victoria and I cheered them onto their Victory!

After the game, we were invited to a wedding.  Some of my bear cousins got married.

Graces mommy let us plan dinner and activities for Saturday night.

We hosted dinner outside by the fire then enjoyed s’mores for dessert!

Sunday morning, Grace made breakfast for all her siblings…including me!

We played outside and did arts and crafts with her siblings.

I also went for a drive in my new ride….which one do you like?

Then I jumped on my Harley for an afternoon joy run…

Grace hosted another dinner for Presidents Day and invited her grandparents to join us.

We played all night, enjoyed a chinese dinner together and I even got to enjoy my very first fortune cookie…look at my lucky numbers!

Grace’s Grammy was showing off her new ZUMBA video, so we all danced the night away …even I did Zumba -what a workout – it was fun!

On Monday, Presidents Day- Grace shared with me that some Presidents are on our everyday coins, do you know which Presidents are on which coins? I loved the artwork she did in Mrs. Rodinis class.

Grace gave me a jersey to wear for the day- this is her favorite team – GO USC TROJANS!  Sterling the cat and I hung out.

The neighborhood kids came knocking again and I had the chance to hang out with them one more full day before I left…what a fun group of friends!  We played basketball, soccer and did lots of rollerskating too!  Whew!

We went inside for our pizza bar lunch- we got to add pepperoni and pineapples!

That afternoon we enjoyed shopping at South Coast Plaza where Grace and her sister got new shoes at Nordstrom – they even fitted my bear paws for new shoes!

We saw some cool fish at Nordstrom Shoes for kids- they are my friends!

I could not wait to go over to the Disney store to see more of my friends- they all showed up for a big party!

Finally we went on a carousel ride- it was really fast- I loved it!  Grace held on to me tight.

It was a weekend to remember, as we enjoyed our time together and I met so many new friends. A special shout out the Jackson Joy of Six!  I will miss you all!

Siempre Adelante!

Your Friend, Serra Bear