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Ever feel that you are on the go, all the time? Yes, yes, and another Amen?

We do it to ourselves.  Even if I have downtime, it is hard for me to just sit in peace for more then 10 minutes without planning my next move.  I thought about learning to crochet, I cannot keep my hands idle…what is that saying “Busy Hands are never Idle”?

I can just imagine what the possibilities would be if more people could actually sit down for more than an hour to just “crochet”…

No, we are all moving way to fast to stop going ALL THE TIME….so maybe we just create more products to accommodate the lifestyle?

No time for grocery shopping?  Not patient enough to go online and order your food to be delivered to your door?  How about a friendly neighborhood local drive- thru grocer…they only sell eggs, milk, bread, and ice cream.  We can launch it together…It would look something like those old school one day finishing drive- thrus.

I know…brilliant as this all sounds, something I want, it is not.  I will take my day to day crazy doings,  welcome those silent quiet moments after 9pm (kinda a blessing when your sweet children loose all TV remote controls) and wrap them up each night thankful for my health, life and loved ones.  We learn each day, from one another and aren’t we blessed for the freedom to do just that?  And yah…I bought a bunch of crochet stuff when I visited the insanely beautiful and peaceful McCall Idaho.  I will see it again soon.

I love discovering and unfolding my place of peace.