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Peace be with YOU

Are You Too Available? I went to hear Renee Bondi recently and was moved by her teachings…yet again.  In the midst of this holiday bustle, one would think that taking a night out for yourself is crazy.  I mean, if it isn’t work, a school recital, a holiday gathering, or running a bazillion errands after

The Art of Silent Communication

I Wanna Hold Your Hand The Beatles had the right idea.  Whatever happened to those silent forms of  communication with your loved ones? Whatever happened to hand-holding? Read moreLove #1 – Vow RenewalsTime to come full circle…bring it back long after you would routinely hold your child’s hand as a safety precaution. Read moreChildren #1

Off We Go

Cat & Mouse Ever feel that you are on the go, all the time? Yes, yes, and another Amen? Read moreChildren #1 – Milestone BirthdaysWe do it to ourselves.  Even if I have downtime, it is hard for me to just sit in peace for more then 10 minutes without planning my next move.  I