Full or Undernourished?

Getting Right with Yourself.


Sometimes I need to be fed.  Other times I am happy to feed. This past weekend,  I enjoyed an afternoon full of grace that filled me up both heart and mind.

It took alot of work to get to Table 4 this past Saturday, but I am a firm believer that we get out…what we put in.  Six schedules, lots of pre-planning, two grandparents to drive kids in each and every direction, the hubby to welcome rookie season with my son and my housekeeper to handle a messy home…it took a village.  But I was on my way.

I can’t blame anyone but myself for being undernourished.  I told myself it was healthy to take responsibility for my own maturity in my inner peace.  And so did the 200 other women that joined me.  They too had the craziest schedules, but took the time that afternoon to seek inner peace.   Together we enjoyed and welcomed the real beauty of just “being one” with one another.  We prayed together, even sang for our food together.


We sat and listened to our priest share his testimony  “We are not to be unhealthy, undernourished individals; but we find that this comes about when there is a lack of getting into our core for ourselves.  We need to do our part in nourishing our spiritual lives.” he stated.  Oh- how we love that man.


Friends, family, guest speakers give messages and we are to have an ear to hear. We are being fed the Word, but perhaps the problem is that we are not “hearing” what is being said. I feel that if we do not spend quality time in prayer, renewing our minds, then we loose our path. It stands to reason that if we become sensitive to our spirit, then we will hear what we need.  Better get out the Q-tips.

Believe me, all of us will have more than enough on our spiritual plates to digest during the week. I walked away with time well spent with my inner peace.  It is waiting for all of us…we just need to open up our hearts and receive.  Can I get an Amen?!