Children Love

Walk of Life

Crawl, Walk, Run

One of my New Years resolutions is to get a walk or run in daily.  Hubby even suited me up over the holidays to encourage the effort.  Been ready to wear these puppies in!


So, now all I have to do is find the time….let’s see.  Maybe I could wake up a bit earlier and get a run in…..nope kids up at 5am.  How about when kids at school?  Nope, 2 lil ones still at home and we hit up music and storytime classes.  How about when preschool one goes to school?  Nope, lil one takes nap and paperwork/chores begin.  Afternoon?  Nope…homework, snacks, playtime, sports.  Nightime?  Nope…dinner, reading, get kids down by 8, clean up dinner, dishes, prep school & action items for next day.  Bedtime around midnight.

This is life right now…its fine, I really am blessed for it all.   Been slowly losing sleep over the 8 year span-never knew how someone could survive on 5 hours of sleep…then again I never use to drink coffee. (Long Live Nespresso) Many of you live this lifestyle or some form of it. “Chatting on the phone”?  Pure luxury item.  Social media is my form of communication right now, and I am thankful for it.

What can I say for myself?  Enough excuses!  Where there is a will….I WILL find a WAY to get my tush out the door.  And I did just that on Monday.  It may not have been my desired alone walk or run listening to the five languages of love on my iPhone, but I am doing my best.  Let me introduce you to the family walk.


I figured when I bring them all home from school they need a lil fresh air and time to run around. Why not incorporate the walk into a family time to chat about our day together.  I walked and pushed the baby on her bike and the others brought their scooters.  We did not chat as much since kids were busy looking about, but figured we will graduate to chats soon enough.  We even made time to stop by a friends we had not seen in a while, definitely worth the walk.


I did enjoy it and when I put my oldest down for bed, she said, “Mom, tomorrow when we go for our walk, can you put together a lil hunt for things.  We can look for special stones twigs and leaves. I can help you put together a list.  Would that be a good idea Mom?”

2cafb5d732c88547e88145a69b3cd270That night I went to bed a half hour earlier…baby steps right?   And I was thankful for the walk and the gift I was given as my daughter drifted off to sleep…her new language of love.  I am listening.