Play Ball!

Mothers Day Tournament

This past weekend was filled with so many beautiful moments celebrating moms, grandmas, godmothers…it was truly action packed!  One of my most precious moments was taking the field with my son.  Its been such a great rookie baseball season with my 6-year-old son, not only because it was grand seeing him learn the sport and evolve as a player, but we have an amazing group of families that make up our team.  From the coaches to the team mom, this crew is special.  To top off the season, the team mom coordinated a “Mother Son Tournament” against the other team “Red Sox” and their moms.  Such a creative idea, I had to share to encourage other moms to join in!   Here is my play-by-play on how to get your game up and running…

1.  Contact the other team you have scheduled to see if they are up for a Mothers Day tournament around the actual day.

2.  Create a bit of playful banter with the opposing team (especially if they live in your neighborhood)

270887_10201059773520222_1870059929_n 3.  Put together team uniform requirements.  Black shorts, team shirt.  Then surprise moms with a special delivery via sons practice bucket of matching team hair ribbons, team eye markers, team stirrup socks and a note that reads…


4. Bring lots of liquid and kick off the game with a champagne toast.


5.  Freshen up before you take the field.


6. Pitch to your son.


7.  Run and hug your son after he hits a line drive.


Seriously, this day was fantastic.  I could not have wished for a better one on one time with my son.  Thank you fellow moms.  You know just what we needed…Play Ball!