Back to School Self Portrait


Our theme of the week is ‘Back to School Traditions”.   Here is our second idea for a tradition to embrace this new school year!

A new back to school tradition I will launch this year is to have each child draw a self-portrait of themselves.  I got the idea from seeing the kids artwork last year at end of school and loved how they grew from drawing stick figures to adding alien looking headed figures to themselves…it truly made me smile ear to ear.

I plan to have paper and colored pencils ready to go next week.  I will be sure to have them include a background as it’s a great way to see what they enjoy doing best or where their favorite place is.


Usually I tuck their drawings away for hope chest memories, but this year I might frame them and place them above their desks in playroom.

1037-self-portrait-(lg)Another idea could be to send them to grandparents or relatives via mail, a nice treat for everyone to enjoy to kick off a new school year!   The growth and change over the course of the year is awesome.

I also liked this idea from fellow Blogger Deborah Harju of ClassicPlay.  Check out her site for the adorable step-by-step process in making life-size portraits.  Too cute!  I recently found some white rolled paper at Ikea for $6 to get us started!



Looking forward to sharing more ideas with you tomorrow, now go sharpen those colored pencils!