Travel #18 Dust off the Flip Flops

A Winter Break

It’s going to be a hot one today- expected 84 degrees inland in Sunny Southern California.  As much as I enjoy my winter weather and all the comfy cozies that go along with it, I have to say…it’s pretty darn nice to don the flip flops for a day or two in the middle of January.  Almost feels like a mini vacation you treat yourself to midweek.

I know alot of us will head down to the beach for a quick walk after work or even grab the kids after school and let them explore beach finds for a few hours.  No matter what, it is one of those days that will be gone in a blink of an eye.  Sunset was amazing last night, almost preparing us for the big show tonight.

So as we prepare for the new year in organizing ski week schedules, securing spring break hot spots in the desert, and registering your kids for summer activities…take a moment today, kick off your shoes and grab your flip flops.   It’s time to enjoy this lil moment of sunshine…oh wait…whats the sound?  Here comes the ice cream truck.