Holiday #18 Deepak Chopra Meditation Challenge

21 Glorious Days…Won’t you Join Me?

I’m going on a lil holiday…a lil mental trip-good mental trip.  I am off to meditate…not alone, but with all my mental friends…good mental friends.  My old school gal pal Lina invited me to share the journey, so I am on board.  I committed myself to a devoted participation during this all new Chopra Center 21-Day Meditation Challenge™ starting on February 20, 2012 and now I invite you!  Funny how I live about 45 minutes from one of Chopras Centers For Well Being and still can’t make it, so I can finally connect with Deepak mono y mono online!

Chopra file photo

According to Deepak, studies have shown that it takes 21 days of consistent behavior to change a habit or create a new one, such as establishing a regular exercise routine, eating a healthier diet, or taking time each day for self-care.  So, with the help of Chopra and his crew, I plan to establish a fulfilling meditation practice that will provide me “a lifetime of rewards”  in just 21 days!  AMEN!  It sounds so lovely!   Have you joined yet?  Start clickin...

This online program offers daily support and guidance that will enable you to move beyond any past obstacles and experience the many gifts and benefits of meditation.  WOW!  Someone will actually be providing for me this a trick?  I love my family, but let’s be honest…it’s rarely about ME.  I am OK with that…but WOW, really?

Seriously, I have always reacted well with meditation. As a cradle Catholic, I have always turned to prayer – it is an amazing form of meditation. The rosary is a good example of meditation, prayer truly does put me in a place of peace.  I am open to new forms of meditation…so bring it on Deepak!

Lina warns me that the program does require a little bit of quiet time each day…huh?  What is that?  Big quiet vs lil quiet?  Luckily, I put full trust in Lina as she is not only a long time friend but a fellow mother of 4…plus she blogs about her transformation mastering diet, exercise, holistic medicine, chemical elimination and most importantly…meditation. Who’s with me? It’s simple…registration is free and the teachers all sound amazing.