Month: December 2011

Love #13 Holiday Light Heavy Twitter

Tweet! Tweet! This week we will host family in town and enjoying all the fun that comes with having your loved ones under one roof.  Go! Go! Go! Go! I will be light on the posts and heavy on Twitter, so follow me @besttraditions and Tweet Tweet Tweet away!!! Read moreLove #1 – Vow RenewalsHope

Holidays #13 Unto Us A Child is Born

Prince of Peace As a Catholic, I celebrate this joyous day. Christmas is the season during which Christians everywhere give thanks to God the Father for the birth of His Son, Jesus Christ.  This joyous cycle begins today, December 25.  Read moreHolidays #1 – Halloween Gingerbread HousesChristmas is not a celebration that lasts a single

Holiday #13 We Prepare…

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