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Simple Changes

Holy! Holy! Holy! These three words I hear nightly during the Lenten season.   Why Holy, Holy, Holy?  I have transformed my traditional “Twinkle Twinkle” children bedtime songs to church hymns.  It has been so sweet to see the children walking about daily singing  “On Eagle Wings” or “Bread of Life”.  It was a simple

Japan Remembered 3.11.11

The True Meaning of Friendship This past week was a whirlwind and I feel my life is not about to slow down.  I spring forward an hour, but before I do- I take a moment of silence. I remember what happened to Japan over two years ago.  I  remember how our world came together as

Oscar Golden Moments

A Golden Girl & A Golden Guy Two of my favorite people in their moment from Oscar night 2013. 1.  Hallie Berry arrives in this amazing Marchesa Gown…absolutely stunning, as always. Read moreFriends #1 – United         2.  Ben Affleck after they freshly inscribed his name on the Oscar….Golden!      

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