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A Week of Thanks

Mentors for All In honor of National Teacher Appreciation Week, I thought I would take this time to highlight some amazing teachers making a difference all over the world.  Today I want to share about the United Ways Women of Philanthropy Fund. Last week I attended their 10th Annual Women’s Philanthropy Fund Breakfast in Orange

You Ready for Teacher Appreciation Week?

Thank A Teacher On a nation-wide level this year, May 6-10 we will honor our teachers.  Thousands of communities across the country gather to celebrate National Teacher’s Day, to focus on the invaluable contributions of educators. Read moreChildren #1 – Milestone Birthdays During Teacher Appreciation Week, many school districts sponsor events, including special lunches or awards

My Hero Bear

An Original We unexpectedly lost a dear friend this past year.  He left behind two adorable young children and a beautiful wife.  Our families were close, it hit home on many levels.  No one can describe how to handle a situation when someone passes unexpectedly, it is even harder to try to share this with

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