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Children #4 All Saints Day

In Remembrance… All Saints Day is today, November 1. Thought I would share with you how my family’s “Faith Tradition” celebrates on this special day. Read moreChildren #1 – Milestone BirthdaysThe eve of All Saints is known as All Hallows Eve, or Halloween. This day is of importance to our family as we recognize those

Children #3 Holidays – Halloween – “Trail of Scarecrows” Tradition

Peaceful Protector For the past 7 years, we have welcomed the Fall Season in our neighborhood with our “Trail of Scarecrows” tradition.   Read moreChildren #1 – Milestone Birthdays What started out with 1-2 scarecrows at the entrance to our development of homes, grew to over 30 scarecrows that now line both directions of our

Children #2- Team Fun

The Soccer Team “Tunnel of Terrific” Seems like yesterday that I ran in the team “Tunnel of Terrific” after finishing up a tough game against my peers, BFF’S and neighbors.  Sweating underneath the California summer sun of 80 degrees in the middle of Fall.  We ran all over for an hour, ate lots of treats,

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