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Kick off your Back to School Traditions

BACK TO SCHOOL TRADITIONS Next week we kickoff our first day of school.   A bittersweet moment, as I love my kids at home during the summer but very excited for them to launch another year at a school they love.  Normally we go back to school after Labor Day, but with some new timelines

Back to School Steal! Going Fast!

Healthy & Smart! As the saying goes, “The early bird gets the worm”  Let’s hope you jump on this deal so you can tweet a happy tune come school time! As crazy as it sounds, I am preparing for back to school.  Our school starts 3 weeks earlier then last year, so my planning is

Who Wants Ice Cream?

Yummy Summer Nights Its 9pm on a weeknight, I am exhausted and beyond done. I have about a dozen more projects to complete for both work and personal before bedtime and then…it hits me. It is summer.   I remember those days when my mom and dad use to grab us kids at random moments

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