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Within Minutes…

It is estimated that 1 in 1,500 people will need an appendectomy during pregnancy. Some require surgery, some don’t. One of the biggest problems of appendicitis during pregnancy is delayed diagnosis. Due to the physical changes in the pregnant body, it can be quite difficult to diagnose appendicitis. It is easier to diagnose in the first and second trimesters. Mine came at the beginning of my third.

In most cases, surgery during pregnancy is avoided whenever possible. This is done both to minimize complications for the pregnant person and the fetus. When a decision is made to perform surgery on a pregnant person, it is typically because their life is in danger.

Within minutes, both my life and my baby were on a journey that was unimaginable.

Within minutes, my husband diagnosed my Appendicitis.

Within minutes, I was rushed to the Operating Room.

Within minutes, I was having my last rights given to me and my unborn child while being wheeled into surgery.

Three months prior to being admitted that November 2007, I had traveled back and forth to ER in pain, but was sent home each time. Appendicitis usually first presents as severe abdominal pain. This pain started near the belly button for me and then moved to the lower and then upper right side. Other symptoms included loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, and elevated fever. All typical symptoms of a normal pregnancy.

As I look back, now 15 years later, I have begun to accept that nothing normal happened to me during that moment in time. If you looked at me and those around me at that moment, you would have witnessed:

A husband on his knees with his parents by his side while his wife and baby were being operated on to save both lives.

A mother and father that flew in to comfort their grandaughter who was 2 at the time.

A sister and brother who hosted their 2 year old niece at their home while their sister struggled with medications.

A friend who hung Christmas Lights at my home to keep the Christmas spirit burning bright while I was in the hospital.

A priest and eucharistic minister friends who came by daily to pray over me and my baby.

A community that kept me in their prayers, feed my family and filled my cup for months.

Within days, I was blessed to go from the worst pain in my life to the most beautiful spiritual connection my husband and I have ever had.

Within weeks, I would come home to be able to finally hold and hug my 2 year old daughter.

Within a month, I would give birth to a healthy and beautiful 8lbs. 9oz baby boy.

With a year, I would continue to have more healthy and beautiful babies.

Today, January 8, 2022 I celebrate his birth and the blessing I was given to have him enter my life. The bond we have is immeasurable. The gift I honor today is the reminder of our Strength. Everyday I look at him in awe. It is now me that falls to my knees at night…so joyful, so blessed and so grateful for every moment. He is Our Pillar. Our Rock.

Happy 15th Birthday Son…within minutes- you blessed my life beyond anything I could ever imagine. I love you.