OMG S’mores

Give me S’more!

Grammy gifted us this crazy-wonderful 3 ft S’mores set.  Quite the ensemble- handcrated artisan marshmallows and divine chocolate bars included.

This past month was National outdoor month and I enjoyed sharing with you our s’mores experiences.  A S’mores Camp Out is a must during the summer-look how cute some of these ideas from Lisa from Moore Minutes.  I love this camp out! She had the kids discover a “S’mores Bar” in the middle of their forest journey. Just loved it.


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  1. Hi!! Im Stacy and the creator of those kits 🙂 So happy you love them!! We use only the best ingredients and there are no chemicals or whipping agents in them. The marshmallows caramelize when you toast them XOXO Enjoy!! You can find out more aobut me on Facebook

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