As we enter the new year, we are gifted with some time for reflection.  We are also given an opportunity to hit “reset” and begin anew.

Many friends and family sent well wishes for a happy new year, though one stood out from an old boss and dear friend whom I worked with at the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  He was a hoot then and still is today. To make sure he was truly successful at his resolutions, he decided to take a path that is attainable.  I guess what I loved most about his resolutions was his positive attitude that he WILL attain them!  How can you go wrong…optimism, optimism, optimism!  Here we go…

10 Successful New Years Resolutions for 2014

1. Not going to diet…..hasn’t worked the first 60 years, thinkin’ 2014 will be pretty much the same.

2. Still going to eat white bread, pasta, mashed potatoes and sweets. Yep, love my sugar. Cookies are a food group.

3. Sticking with my coffee and Red Bulls….caffeine rocks!!!

4. Not givin’ up my Makers ’46 or the occasional cigar, it’s cheaper than therapy.

5. I’ll work out when I can but not beat myself up if I can’t or I’m just not in the mood…………I will never have a 6 pack at this point.

6. Still gonna sing to the top of my lungs driving home in the afternoon with the windows down and the roof open….keeps me awake.

7. I’m going to continue to say hello and smile at people I don’t know, ’cause it’s fun for me.

8. In 2014 I will love my family and friends, that’s a no-brainer.

9. I will probably never stop using expletives because sometimes, there’s just not a better word.

10. I will maintain my ability to screw up and make bloopers and hope that I don’t hurt people, but I might and I hope God and everyone else forgives me because it’s never my intention………’s just a gift! 

Yep, I think I can keep these.

Happy 2014 everyone, hope his list gives you some inspiration to make your own fabulous OPTIMISM list for the new year!  Cheers!