A Solid Foundation

Precious Dirt

The hubs and I are soon to celebrate 15 years of marriage…good stuff.  My mom recently sent us an anniversary card and she placed this pic inside stating “..and they lived happily ever after”.  She is so good, I loved it.

So as I admired this 1999 pic of our home, I realized it will be 14 years this December since we moved in.  We had no kids and very little furniture, but knew one day we would fill it…


Little did I realize with how much we would fill it!  Yes, we filled it with love, family, friendships, celebrations and lots of animals….and then came the stuff.  ALOT of stuff. Stuff just kept coming and coming and things just kept growing and growing…I now know why people move every 2 years…its not the tax benefit, it’s reducing the clutter in your life!

So, I thought a good gift to the hubby this year would be to start a program to reduce our clutter…begin a new mantra “If you have not used it in a year or more, get rid of it”.  Oh my gosh, just writing that felt so good.  Do we really need a full-sized Cuisinart and a mini Cuisinart and a hand held chopper and a mixer?  Declutter it all; the back bedroom closet, the hall closet, the toolboxes, all 6 medicine cabinets. Can’t forget the attic, the laundry room, the office, and oh those storage units my mother in law owns…I am going to help her declutter too!

Can you imagine if I had the time to do all this?  Oh my dear.  I can’t help but snicker at the thought these days.  Seriously, have you seen our garage?  All the professional declutter books I have read state that if I follow certain steps of the unclutter program, I can accomplish all this and more in a couple of Saturday afternoons….obviously these authors are all single.

I think instead of focusing on how to declutter as a gift for the hubby, I will quote Robert  Brault as he shared “In the happiest of our childhood memories our parents were happy too.” then I will will post this sign in our front yard.