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Back to School Steal! Going Fast!

Healthy & Smart!

As the saying goes, “The early bird gets the worm”  Let’s hope you jump on this deal so you can tweet a happy tune come school time!

As crazy as it sounds, I am preparing for back to school.  Our school starts 3 weeks earlier then last year, so my planning is on!  Out of my 4 lil ones,  3 of them will have big school together, which means over the Fall/Winter Semester, I have roughly 17 weeks of packing daily lunches- 5 x day…thats 85 lunches per child, thats 3 x 85=250 lunches for this semester.

We do get the kids hot lunch once a week as a treat, but try to keep things pretty homegrown.  Recently, I found a pretty cool solution for at least some of the lunches. Its called GoPicnic.


I love their packaging and the fact that they are yummy to eat and free from trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, added MSG, artificial flavors, or colors= A+!  Here is the hot deal they are offering…if you do this right, you will be getting 30 lunches for basically $54- thats $1.80 each.  Follow my directions.

1.  First sign up by clicking our link:  Best Family Traditions & GoPicnic

2.  Then go to top black toolbar at top and click “Back to School”

3.  Scroll down and click “Go Picnic”

4.  Click buy for $19

5.  You are buying the hot deal of  “Turkey and Cheese 6-pack lunches” that are on Sale now for $15.


6. Once you have certificate #, just click on website and order the following: “5 sets of 6 packs”  See below…


G-GP-ST-333-6v2 Turkey Slices & Cheddar 6 Pack of Meals $15.00 $75.00
Free Shipping (FedEx (3-7 Business Days)) $0.00
Total $75.00
Enter your certificate number – it will take $40 off- so you will be charged $35 with free shipping.  Once again, 30 lunches for basically $54- thats $1.80 each.  Did you follow my directions?  Good.  Stay tuned for more deals headed your way soon- I love this stuff!