Month: July 2013

Back to School Steal! Going Fast!

Healthy & Smart! As the saying goes, “The early bird gets the worm”  Let’s hope you jump on this deal so you can tweet a happy tune come school time! As crazy as it sounds, I am preparing for back to school.  Our school starts 3 weeks earlier then last year, so my planning is

Who Wants Ice Cream?

Yummy Summer Nights Its 9pm on a weeknight, I am exhausted and beyond done. I have about a dozen more projects to complete for both work and personal before bedtime and then…it hits me. It is summer.   I remember those days when my mom and dad use to grab us kids at random moments

Royal Baby News

Welcome Prince. The official announcement of the birth of the royal baby was posted on a gold-coloured easel outside Buckingham Palace. A footman and the Queen’s press secretary carried the framed notice over to the easel on the gravel outside Buckingham Palace. The notice gives details of the time of birth and the weight of

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