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You Ready for Teacher Appreciation Week?

Thank A Teacher

On a nation-wide level this year, May 6-10 we will honor our teachers.  Thousands of communities across the country gather to celebrate National Teacher’s Day, to focus on the invaluable contributions of educators.


During Teacher Appreciation Week, many school districts sponsor events, including special lunches or awards ceremonies, to mark the occasion. Last year I was honored to Chair our schools week of festivities and a new appreciation was born.  I admired how our school not only honors our teachers, but our staff as well.  We work together as a community and we should be thanked in the same fashion.

National Teacher’s Day and Teacher Appreciation Week is a chance for students, parents and communities to give back. It is not uncommon for students and parents to present teachers with gifts of appreciation or for classrooms to come together in little celebrations to honor their teachers during this time of year.  Here are some cute ideas this year, click here for a peek a last years favs for more ideas.




Be open to see how you can thank a teacher.  We approached Sprinkles Cupcakes, click here to see what a simple phone call ignited.


National Teacher’s Day was instituted by the National Education Association, which provides resources for planning your own teacher appreciation events here.