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Swim Spot

Ready For A Swim?

Memorial Day has come and gone.  This past weekend launched  a new season, one with lots of pool and beach time ahead.  Found my new suit for the season at my local Swim Spot.

Loved this playful but polished look for this swim season.  Nothing like seeing what Designer Lisa Vogel was up to this pre-season, and with this Luxe By Lisa Vogel Pandora Flutter Eyelet Bikini Top and Opening Night Swim Bottom in black, she had me at hello.


Be bold and go a bit longer…so fun!

Another reason I loved this suit is how comfy it was!  I can now run around with the kiddos at the beach or play games with them in the pool without having to worry about keeping my suit on!  Truly every mom knows what I am talking about…this designer mom nailed it with a beautiful design yet comfortable fit for a busy mom with lil ones.  Thanks Lisa!